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An eye for details and layout.


Slingin’ mechanicals like a pro.


Takin’ gigs on gigs on gigs of pix.

what is supasolid?

supasolid is Mary Wetherington.

Mary is a goofy, creative type who listened to Luscious Jackson’s “Strongman” way too many times in the 90’s, hence the supasolid name. She watches too many cartoons for her age, owns way too many Star Wars toys and is too adventurous for her own good. She’s a bit obsessed with sparkles, bubbles, the color purple, and mirror balls.


When she’s not getting her disco on, she’s slingin’ mechanicals at her day job. This website is a collection of some of those things as well as freelance and personal work.



Mary Wetherington    |    469-744-4605    |    |    Linkedin

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