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Noble Rey Brewing Co.: Vol. 2

2nd Anniversary Event Graphics

Dallas craft brewery, Noble Rey Brewing, approached me to design the artwork for their second anniversary party after I had designed a couple posters and social media graphics for tapping events around town. 

All of Noble Rey's beers have fantastical cartoon characters that go with their unique brew names. They are designed to go on cans that, when stacked, reveal the entire character. I've always wanted to work with them since the first time I saw a Mr. T character at Central Market in Dallas.

For their first anniversary, they had their 4 characters made into a comic book cover. This year, they wanted their original signature characters as well as all the new ones they've developed since then illustrated into a comic book cover. They gave me a Fantastic Four cover for reference and asked that I make Barampus look like he was invading Oktoberfest. 

I created a poster with the whole scene, as well as print and social media banners, glasses, beer cards for the celebration attendees to check off beers sampled, bar signs, and a t-shirt.

The challenge was that all these characters are very static and although they're vector, every single piece had been clipped out via pathfinder by their designers. I had to basically redraw them to be able to animate them to life. I didn't mind. They are awesome characters and this was a lot of fun!


Client / 

Noble Rey Brewing


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Art Direction


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