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Noble Rey Brewing Co.: Vol. 3

3rd Anniversary Event Graphics

For Noble Rey Brewing's 3rd anniversary, they wanted to continue the comic book cover theme they had been using for previous years. The Avengers: Infinity War movie had come out a few months before. The owner wanted to pay homage to the famous Infinity War comic book cover for this project.

I created Marvel characters out of Noble Rey characters and had way too much fun doing it. The arch enemy of the Avengers, Thanos, would be played by new character Aleister Crowler. When customers wanted to take some product home, the brewery would can a crowler on the spot and slap a label on it with this character on it, and write in the flavor. Aleister's story was that he was never a fully formed character with a back story. In fact, he was just outlines. This all made him angry and jealous of his Avenger foils.

The center of the comic book cover was Aleister wearing the Infinity Gauntlet surrounded by the newly created Avenger characters. The owner wanted to use this poster to also announce that four older flavors would be going away because of Thanos' finger snap. Those four characters were shown to be fading in the background.

I created a poster, as well as print and social media banners, glasses, beer cards, bar signs, and several character t-shirts to be printed live during the event.


Client / 

Noble Rey Brewing


Role / 

Art Direction


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