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Dr Pepper Heartland

Vintage Displays

Channeling Dr Pepper's look and feel of the 50's and 60's, the Heartland campaign brought back the mint green with red and yellow accents as well as the phrase, "The Friendly Pepper-Upper."

Several displays were designed to compliment the retro POS and packaging from creative (see last photo), including a large vintage truck that would hold trays of Dr Pepper like the old delivery trucks, a vintage vending machine and a quad display that tucks inside stacks of 12-packs on a pallet.

I drove down to Waco to the Dr Pepper Museum for inspiration. I photographed the delivery truck outside and the vending machine inside. I used those photos to create these displays. The truck outside was quite rusty and old, so it required quite a bit of retouching, but it all helped with the authenticity.

The vending machine was a challenge because each piece of the display was only one spot color. In order to add branding to all the valuable real estate on the sides, I used a darker shade of the mint green pantone color covering those pieces. 


Client / 

Dr Pepper Snapple Group


Role / 

Art Direction



Agency / 

Group360 Worldwide


Year / 


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