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Squirt Bilingual

El Quitased Displays

The desert dust blows, the sun beats down on the ground like it's angry and the heat it creates just cruel... then from a distance there appears to be a mysterious man in a hat, armed with citrus refreshment. It's not a mirage, it's El Quitased.

For this specialized Squirt campaign, a freelance Illustrator was commissioned to create this character of El Quitased. The illustrator painted several poses on canvas for this project. 


I built several pieces using these paintings. But first, I had to clip all the art elements out in Photoshop in order to manipulate these paintings into many layouts. The challenge was to keep the integrity of the brush strokes once the images were clipped from the canvas. The desert sun background had to be rebuilt to exist in the areas covered up by the character of El Quitased.


Client / 

Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Role / 

Art Direction



Agency / 

Group360 Worldwide


Year / 


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