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I love a lot of things in life... but I have to admit, I am a production junkie. I can take a single key visual from the design team and apply it across any type of deliverable while maintaining the look and feel, and staying within brand standards.

Mechanicals are my jam. I am a total geek about type formatting. Naming layers makes me happy. Color swatches? Only if they are in use with this mechanical... all those other freeloaders can hit the road. 

I'm not gonna lie, I love cleaning up messy files. I love solving problems. I love anticipating future problems and coming up with ways to avoid that if possible. I love making templates that are actually helpful. I love style sheets, nested styles, and GREP styles.

I love brands. I love to be a brand steward. Give me a set of brand standards and I'll whip any file into shape like an Army recruit at boot camp. 

I've been slingin' mechanicals for more than 20 years. I have a strong background in print production, point-of-purchase, merchandising displays, shopper marketing, out-of-home, digital media, web graphics, journalism, editorial layout and design. I am an organized, versatile and detail-oriented creative mind who is open to making any part of the job more efficient. I love to be the best production artist I can be. 


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